DATE: June 1, 2011
TO: All American Equity NMO's and Appointed Agents
FROM: James Jones, Vice President - Marketing Services
RE: GREAT NEWS!!! 8% IAV Rate is Back on LIFETIME INCOME BENEFIT RIDER (LIBR-2010)* until September 30, 2011!


You asked for it and we are happy to deliver! The 8% IAV Rate will be available for applications dated between June 6, 2011, and September 30, 2011! With the return of the 8% IAV, LIBR-2010 offers these great features:

  1. Your clients have the choice of a 5% or 8% IAV Rate. The 5% option remains available for all issue ages for NO FEE. The 8% option is available for issue ages 50 and above with a fee of 90 bps annually.

  2. For the 8% IAV Rate option the IAV Period will be 7 years and the Reset will be between the 3rd and 7th Contract Anniversaries.

  3. Remember - FEES MATTER! LIBR-2010 still calculates and deducts the fee from the Contract Value, not the Income Account Value like other income riders on the market today! When comparing Lifetime Income Benefit Riders, it is important to understand how fees are calculated. We believe that American Equity is still the best choice for income!

  4. Compound vs. Simple Interest - American Equity uses compound interest to compute the rollup on the IAV. Many Income Riders available on the market use Simple Interest. Don't be mislead by IAV Rates when comparing Income Riders, check to see how interest is calculated and credited to the IAV.
PLEASE NOTE: the new LIBR-2010 disclosure (Form #1127 6.6.11) will be required prior to issue to get the new 8% IAV Rate. NO EXCEPTIONS!! Also, contracts may not be sent in for a free-look cancel and then reissued with the new rider.

We will continue to accept the current LIBR-2010 with the 7% IAV Rate for applications SIGNED on or before June 15, 2011. Business must be issued by July 29, 2011.

Thank you for your business! Please visit our website at or call our Marketing Department at 888-647-1371 for more information or to order supplies.

*Form number and availability vary by state.

Click Here for the LIBR Brochure

LIBR-2010 8% 6/1/2011
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