Help your clients set aside funds dedicated for funeral expenses in advance with an NGL life insurance plan specifically designed for this purpose.

How does the plan work?

It's simple. A life insurance policy is purchased to cover the anticipated cost of final expenses. The policy is then assigned to an irrevocable funeral trust. This assignment offers the following benefits:

  1. At the time of death, policy proceeds do not have to go through probate and are available immediately to pay for final expenses.

  2. The trust assignment may give your client the ability to exclude the policy as an asset in order to qualify for Medicaid.*

  3. Funds are protected from creditors such as nursing homes, hospitals, attorneys, etc.

  4. The policy benefit increases with simple growth income tax free.

This combination of life insurance and a funeral trust creates a solid, safe, and secure financial plan for your client. For more information, please visit or contact your marketing representative today!

* For Medicaid eligibility requirements, please consult an elder law attorney. National Guardian Life Insurance Company is not affiliated with The Guardian Life Insurance Company of America, a/k/a The Guardian or Guardian Life. FE 10/11

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